Delaware plans off shore wind farm to spoil pristine views while Governor features revitalization of downtowns



Tell me if this makes any sense, Delaware is planning to revitalize downtowns to make them look better so as to draw people into the downtowns again while at the same time they are actively planning to destroy pristine coastal views with ugly disgusting wind farms and their all night long energy drawing from fossil fuels red lights.

Imagine that, red flashing lights all night long and white colonists standing stark in the day with spinning heads. Makes no sense at all but this is typical of the climate alarmist cult these daze. The Democrat governor could only be deemed like many lost in the sea of endless climate babble and belief systems that dictate the absurd notion that .0004th of the atmosphere creates air "footprints", air blankets, and insulation made of nothing but air that stops heat from being cooled by frigid 465 degree below zero space. ROFL.

image capture of on 10/25/2019 at 7:03 am pacific time

The Caesar Rodney Institute has presented a study to the governor and other public officials about how badly tourism would be affected if they allow the farm to be built. Their website shows a letter presented to the governor showing also how the proposed turbines are taller than the Seattle Space Needle.

In the letter they quote The University of Delaware saying that renters of properties with views unspoiled were preferred some renters found turbines at about 500 foot height accpetable at an 8 mile distance. "However, the currently proposed fifteen, 853 feet tall, 12 megawatt turbines would have to be at least 13 miles offshore to be acceptable to the same renters."

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Will he forge ahead with destroying coastline views to be one of the many "superheros" to save the planet from nothing with devices that provide litttle to no useful but totally chaotic energy that relies on the fossil fuel grid to function, draws power all the time from this grid, and is energy INEFFICIENT?

It is rediculously misguided to be using energy to rebuild a downtown while using more energy to destroy a pristine coastline view. Those kinds of views are a very foundation of why many people will visit a beach area. Imagine watching the moon rise over the ocean horizon to the East with a sea of flashing red lights. I know that if I was to plan a trip to any beach area near Delaware I would likely pick somewhere else. If I lived there and drove to the beach I would probably go there less often, maybe go out to the country instead.

Oh wait, they are planning to spoil those views too. They have a wind farm planned for the hills somewhere. What is the matter with these people. I guess they want us to just stay home and watch movies that feature what we can't see around us anymore to make our escape from every day life to recharge, or maybe they just expect us to drive further or fly further to get to see unspoiled beauty, wasting even more energy.




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