dBA is NOT how we should be measuring infrasound as it applies to industrial wind farms



The speaker Mariana Alves-Pereira states she does not pay any attention to any scientific paper that evaluates infrasound based on dBA measurements as the low frequency sounds do not show up in calculations, yet legislation regarding infrasound measurements from wind farms states this tool is what should be used which seems to indicate that legislation chose what works best for ignoring the real negative effects of infrasound from industrial wind farming. Using dBA in the manner used as legislation requires is "scientifically invalid" she states.

She states that that in certain ranges of sound frequency that we hear well they are accurate but when used for measuring sounds outside a certain range of frequencies such as the boomimg sounds of a car stereo with those big speakers or wind low sound frequency that you can't even hear this measuring tool fluctuates wildly.

She uses example of car speedometer showing 70 MPH when you are stopped or when you are driving on the highway fast it showing zero. The measurement tool using dBA is not appropriate for measuring infrasound in wind turbine sound legislations and determinations.

This is a very informative talk regarding sound frequencies and effects on health using many scientifically sound references.



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