World's biggest solar industrial thermal HEAT GENERATING electricity plant in Nevada goes "down in flames" while your taxes go up to meet carbon dioxide fake blankets in the sky in the stratosphere to pay for this big renewable con game



Ever notice all the rich people are not saying much about solar and wind energies in a bad light? That is because they all are rich off these things that take your money.

Now we have what sales pitchers and government kooks told us would save us from evil going bankrupt,

"US taxpayers are on the hook for hundreds of $millions following the spectacular financial collapse of the world’s biggest solar-thermal power plant, Crescent Dunes, situated in the Nevada desert, north-west of Las Vegas."

The foundation for all this renewable CRAP is "a heating planet" as if it can't cool from frigid space, then they sell the public "solutions" that HEAT THE FRIGGING PLANET.

They don't care how much they steal from you.



Also if you read the article notice the picture of solar panels and the shade and how they reflect sun's rays back up INTO THE ATMOSPHERE where instead of being absorbed by the ground to cool it will heat the budget shortfall of carbon dioxide of $.0004 and the massive budget overrun of Nitrogen of 78% of the entire atmospheric budget plus that other 4% massive water vapor budget in the atmosphere thus causing climate change.

Too bad there isn't stupidity change caused by more study in this atmosphere of con games.



copyright 2020 Kenneth Wegorowski