Compare 1 gallon of crude oil to 2500 gallons of crude oil what do you get?



Hello. That's what I said to the one gallon of oil on the wall stepping back about a foot, BUT when I saw 2500 gallons of oil on the wall I stepped back at least 2500 feet.

The reason was who puts that many gallons of oil on a wall? It could fall and kill someone not to mention completely ruining a carpet and flooding a home with oil.

Ever try to get a small oil stain out of your carpet? Imagine 2500 gallons of oil saturating it suddenly as the shelf broke.

If a gallon of oil spilled which is less likely as many shelves can hold a gallon of anything like a big thing of liquid detergent it would make a stain but it wouldn't do anything like 2500 times that much would do.

This is like the problem with rampant claims that carbon dioxide can do great harm, even "trapping heat". The concept is ludicrous. 1 part per 2500 parts does nothing.

And OMG it's just AIR.

So we now have a world with loons running around claiming the sky is falling and heating up and collecting carbon dioxide that "gets stuck" which it does not and that what we  have to do to fix this fantasy is burn up more energy. Truly these are loons now just like Chicken Little and they are running for President of the United States.

The atmosphere is mostly comprised of about 4% water vapor and 79% nitrogen. Carbon dioxide does not form saran wrap like the California Energy Commission tell us nor is there blankets in the sky filled with carbon dioxide that insulate.

THE only cause of climate change is water vapor, the Sun, the frigid space, and convection which is the movement of air as heat rises and cold air falls.

Man has no effect by any statistical measure of importance, and certainly not such that would do what the loons running for President are claiming such as their wacked out claims that a changing climate doing what it has for trillions of years and will continue to do no matter how much heat we generate babbling about climate and carbon pixie dust as these idiots claim what's not even dust in the sky threatens the very EXISTENCE of man. My gawd even religious cults don't claim this of The Devil who is all over the details on this.

Boo! And by the way in the year 2020 where we have perfect vision on this, we will have Halloween falling directly on a Blue Moon which is predicted will fall to Earth threatening man's very existence as the carbon pixie dust settles on it causing it to fall out of space.



copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski