Offshore wind farm to provide 14,000 jobs



"The offshore wind farm — dubbed the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project — will create an estimated 14,000 jobs, Northam said."

That's Ralphie Northam the Governor of Virginia who's a gun grabbing liberal that like all of them are deluded with fake clean energy who has no issue with killing unwanted newly borns that were supposed to be aborted providing 14,000 jobs to build more bird shredders that burn and make energy and contribute to global warming which is a farce anyway as frigid space is always cooling and carbon dioxide does not form blankets, is recycled constantly, does not make plastic wrap in the sky "trapping heat" and merely comprises .0004th of the entire atmosphere.

The wind farm is being built in 2020 off the Virginia Beach shoreline about 27 miles.

It will have only two turbines! 14,000 jobs to give a mere two homes to propellers on sticks.

And you and your children's children will be paying for this.



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