Climate caused death change is a huge threat to climate scientist jobs and medias that spread lies about what causes climate to change



This picture is worth 10,000% more words in considering what climate cons keep telling us that global warming is going to kill us all as we realize that carbon dioxide (the supposed cause of climate catastrophies looming over our sky is falling heads) is a mere .0004th of the atmosphere whereas water vapor, the main cause of climate changing, is 10,000% greater in quantity. Climate cons have milk shaked the public for decades now to the tume of trillions of zillions of dollars all of which could have solved homelessness around the world by now instead of making elitist cons richer as they spread dark energy filth all over mother nature's bosom, killing birds, bats, and Bald Eagles, consuming billions of acres of pristine land, and desicrating view sheds, sunrises, and sunsets.

the cause of climate change is blowing in the wind



copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski