Arizonan's please beware of city slickers trying to sell you stuff



Former mayor of New York City hates Trump with a passion but why?

I know he's a green meanie pushing fake climate change schemes at every turn so I makes me wonder how much money does he make from all the renewable energy portfolios?

Beware of his ads trying to coat you and your friends with green energy Trump hate slime.

He's spending $100 million on ads. There must be money that could be made doing this.

If he was just a fantastical philanthropist thinking only of others he might instead buy homes for the homeless in that city that he governed that the rich routinely walk all over.

I think he's got eyes on Arizona for many more wind farms and his own interests in financial gain here.

If a Democrat gets elected as president the green energy slime push would go back into full force whereas the public would suffer as they all got more of your energy, that is guaranteed.

Just look at the outrageousness now of candidates telling us THE END IS NEAR if we don't vote for them.

I hope and pray that it's the end of the Democrats in power as they are destroying everything with their green slime energy madness that is not based on any form of reality and transfers your energy to their rich friends portfolios instead.



copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski