Seattle believes in fairy tales come true



I think some people have become immersed to the point of drowning so to speak as they have entertained absolute fantasies on TV, movie, and internet story telling about energy and the environment.

Today we are witnessing govering bodies being scammed by the promise of becoming a 100% renewable clean energy consumer that really are beginning to sound like those hicksville communities that get scammed by fake water finding devices by the traveling salesman or music festivals that never appear sold to Desert Hot Springs which has fast become Desert "Pot" Springs as marijuana seeds have been planted there and are sprouting like weeds that are out of control. Desert Hot Springs was sold a music festival by a sleasy promoter who had it in for that town to the tune of $250,000 that he was paid and never performed. They were scammed big so much so that the city then nearly went bankrupt because of that and other lofty projects and a new president Obama that ushered in financial collapse. That ushered in marijuana farming which "saved it". Drive through there now though and you often notice a funny smell in the air. Desert Hot Springs is just above Palm Springs in California and both are home also to wind farming.

I was told 22 years ago that wind farms were a scam. Was no one else on the planet?

This concept of unicorn energy is not based in any form of physics, electronics education, power generation principles, convection. It's insane and lala land behavior yet Seattle, home of Microsoft the world's oldest and most established computer company filled with brilliant minds, has lost it's mind by declaring it will be 100% independent of fossil fuels. This simply is not possible for any city to do this unless it becomes like ancient Rome.

There is no such thing as 100% clean energy unless you are using a horse and letting it eat grass and carrots that grows by itself in nature.

The waste of energy in following these fantasies is massive. Now we even have presidential candidates on this bandwagon that does not get it's power from reality.

Meanwhile all the sales people and industries pitching them are collecting all your hard earned green energy and putting it in the bank while those in Seattle government look at pretty pictures of spinners that remind them of being a child thinking these wind farms are spinning by themselves with not a single drop of fossil fuels involved. I look at wind farms now and see a motion picture set with tall spinning props.

Martha's Vineyard has a wind project that is seeking approval but Trump and those in the government agencies there under some of his control have now delayed it, instead the almost 3 billion $ project will require MORE ENERGY TO BE USED for "robust cumulative analysis". All this wasted energy is being used for the cumulative effect of endless fantasies presented in pictures giving people the false impression that there is something called "clean energy" in these spinners that are actually using fossil fuels and waste energy.

The federal delay on Vineyard Wind came about three weeks after the conservation commission in Edgartown, Massachusetts voted 5 to 1 to deny a permit that would have allowed the wind project’s high-voltage transmission cables to pass through the Muskeget Channel. The commission said the project’s owners did not submit “sufficient information to protect against long-term and short-term adverse effects on the resource area,” which they said “is critical for the protection of marine fisheries, land containing shellfish, storm damage prevention, flood control, and protection of wildlife habitat.”

That area is rich with green energy meaning US dollars in bank accounts that can feed laywers to protect that elclusive community where "inclusivist" Obama and family seems to have plans to live there at the ocean's edge, one that's supposed to have already risen 1000 feet due to predictions by movie makers on climate catastrophe that was supposed to have occured 13 years ago, but others like Chevelon Butte and the surrounding properties that will be negatively affected are not so well off and are dependent on the counties themselves to "protect them" from officials who are supposed to represent them who may be lost in a sea of fantasy.

It's questionable if they would see through the lies about wind energy or not, an industry that is 100% dependent on fossil fuels and 100% dependent on your US green dollars that would be better used by you for your energy needs.

There seems to exist the possibility of "railroading" of officials who might get paid off or merely influenced to go along with these fantasies.

Pressures for cash flow for governing agencies which all rely on energy to function can cause things to happen that might not be best especially since coal has been bastardized and leaving the Chevelon areas thus leaving a gaping hole for funding services with the shutting down of coal there.

Wind credits by the US government are expiring fully by 2021 thus spower is working to get their share of your green energy before then.

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copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski