Council meeting Chatauqua Arkwright people speak after the wind turbines are built



video of meeting

The residents said their town was peaceful and tranquil before they were built, that developers lied to them, that they will have to retreat to areas further away from the turbines.

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Watch in another video NY Governo reads from written speech about ending coal and fossil fuels while he and and other rich friends all know that fossil fuels are what keeps them rich and always will.

People at the rally featured in the video proclaim that we need to leave all these energy sources in the ground but it is an impossibility based on physics to have an economy that is as it has been without natural fuel sources. They also proclaim that renewables are carbon free which is a delusion and lie, for one there is 600 gallons of oil in these turbines that is necessary for ancillary functions such as hydraulic braking and hydraulic movement of blades.

How is it that people can not see through the lies of these hucksters and con men politicians?



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