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You pay for wind farms to sit and do nothing. I now identify as a 755 foot turbine. Pay me.

A NEW DOCUMENTARY about Chautauqua County wind farms made by a local resident there discusses sound issues that people living near these things endure.

It also points out that the renewable chaotic energy made with the wind systems are forced onto the local grid (standby power is then also required) thus when this happens it removes the AUTHENTIC CLEAN ENERGY source produced 24/7 at Niagara Falls.

Then 'carbon credits' you pay for in taxes to these wind systems are then sold to Massachussettes while no power goes to that state at all. These costs are tacked onto rate payers bills, thus wasting even more of your energy so you can keep paying off the investors who have conned us on these FAKE CLEAN ENERGY waste products. They are not clean or green they are dark energy. Authentic green energy is shown below.

wind plantations generate mountains of waste not energy

read a letter about the NEW YORK STATE governor's totalitarian tactics where during the 'health emergency' the legislators took opportunity to write out local community controls regarding wind and solar plantations

off shore wind is a net energy loss and not 'sustainable' as money IS energy and these systems are simply devouring the supply

These authentic wind mills grind grain only when the wind blows and do not mess up grid energy systems that only work efficently when there's no chaos from generators going off on off on up down sideways with it's crazed variables.

View a commercial promoting the Volvo xc90 electric car presenting illusions as if those white monsters as shown above are "looking out for you and your children" and also presenting the illusion that they are keeping golden fields of grain free from the invasions of these white colonists that ruin views for miles all around.

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