It's wasting energy to store carbon using industrial methods


2/29/2020 a day where the last four years of .25 of a year not accounted for it accounted for now if only all the accountants in green energy pushing could account for all the energy wasted in these industrail wind and solar systems

 An argument repeated repeatedly is to focus on carbon storage. Both sides use this talking point. It's a total waste of energy, waste of time.

The Earth handles all carbon storage and recycling and whatever we do is so infintessimally small it is basically totally insignificant.

The stop industrial solar and wind side points to forests being chopped down to build these wasteful energy systems as evidence as to why they should not be built as the trees capture and process carbon.

In looking at the claims the forests felled are also insignificant it's really not much at all.

Then the green puke energy pushers demand we create more industrialized systems that capture carbon. Those rely on massive amounts of fossil fuel based systems to create, maintain, and provide energy to thus we are going in circles on a drill bit that is driving us deeper into using more fossil fuels and for what to control 1 unseeable particle of air (carbon dioxide) that resides amongst 2,499 other parts of other air. It's totally stupid - OR - it's a giant con game to get your energy.

I'm going with the latter. Latter means the last one I mentioned.

Carbon dioxide is air, it's technically called a gas, it's unseen, it's used by all living things. It can float around like all air and always gets mixed and never accumulates.

The green freaks, the politicians lost in space, and the cons are all painting this illusion that it forms blankets in the sky, even California Energy Commission which has many people in high pay positions using your energy to pay themselves and provide themselves early retirement pensions that are fossil fuel energy dependent tells you that these blankets form and are a lot like plastic wrap you cover a bowl of cherries with to keep them fresh. This is so incorrect. Plastic wrap is a solid material that stops the movement of air on both sides of it thus the heating and cooling mechanisms are slowed down (not stopped though) and keeping out bacteria much more than without. Carbon dioxide in the air NEVER forms any such substance anything like plastic wrap. This is so incredibly disingenuous I cannot help but conclude this is all part of the scheme they all go along with for profit and those profits that all these hucksters and politicians promote are again ALL dependent on the use of fossil fuels and always will be.

Mother Nature always and constantly deals with the air perfectly. Carbon dioxide never gets trapped up there. If anyone tells you it does run and head for the hills but please try to not run into any of the hundreds of thousands of white colonists that have invaded. Mother Nature - not politicians - not industrial green - not wind turbines - throws all the carbon dioxide it needs back into the ground. To be concerned about this only proves that those who belive these pitches that there are plastic carbon dioxide air blankets in the sky are either part of the scam or ignorant of it.

I hope that I have helped you become informed with clean efficient renewable information that doesn't rely on anything other than food and water once it's in your head.



copyright 2020 Kenneth Wegorowski

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