At $1 million each after a mere 5 years the turbines near Buffalo sit idle, they are broken and parts are unavailable



Like lousy lovers these turbines are crap, broken in short time. Bad winters probably does not help.

I wonder how much fossil fuel energy it takes to make $5 million wind turbines, ask any of these green kooks they will tell you it's made from pixie dust or some other magical way I guess.

How many homes in Buffalo's inner city could $5 million have rehabbed?

Buffalo News reported on how these things sit idle:

Between 2013 and 2015, one turbine went up at each of five interchanges: Eden-Angola, Silver Creek, Fredonia, Ripley and Westfield.....between October 2017 and January 2018, all of them except for the turbine at the Westfield interchange were taken offline. Givner said she did not know how much energy the turbines generated while they were operational.

Once again we learn nothing about how much power gets generated AND how much power gets burned up by these things since they all are attached to the same grid that is having over supply problems and thus energy is being routinely DUMPED at wind farms.



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