The more bottlenecks change the more they remain in the same grid



In regards to Australia's plaguing energy problems manifesting due to floodgates of green energy spewing it's toxic green sludge everywhere on the grids, "Production stoppages at wind farms with a collective capacity of more than 900 megawatts have added to problems plaguing renewable energy ventures in the National Electricity Market, due to grid bottlenecks and instability" was what was claimed.

Coca-Cola never changed their soda's bottlenecks why should grids? To make certain already rich groups more rich.

Soda bottles have bottle necks for a reason, they pour slowly so as not to create a bigger mess. This will never change because to do so would again make a bigger mess when being used.

Same with grids but the hucksters that sold the world green puke wind and solar energy that is unreliable, chaotic, being burned up by wind farms want you to believe for their fun and profit that all the connecting wires and electrical bridges are the problem. They claim all we need is a hundred thousand billion more smart circuits and bridges and wiring and computer systems and smart light bulbs to solve "the problem of bottlenecks". If you give these hucksters your money for this it will be like giving government your money fix the problem with bottlenecks in soda bottles.

This will be like adding Philips smart bulbs that got hacked, not only so as to allow the remote computer from the Democrat committee in Iran to make the light bulb change colors and turn off and on leaving the user baffled, since these smart bulbs are connected to the grid (networks) it allows the hacker to infiltrate they network and the other things attached to it like your home computer or business systems.

The problem hon is not the bottle necks any more than with soda bottles. But your hucksters will be out there selling you on that $olution and many of your stupid government representatives will buy it for you, handing you an extra bill for it while you get public utility commi$$ion approved wide mouth soda bottles that you find does make it a bit faster to pour soda into glasses, but now you have to buy 10x more paper towels every month.



copyright 2020 Kenneth Wegorowski