New book from climate cult follower and pusher made primarily using fossil fuels



Wind farms will never be able to print and distribute books from climate cons. They can only be produced using fossil fueles. They do provide energy though to friends of the publishers, authors, and publishers of books like these. Lots and lots of carbon based energy they will gleefully use up to cause climate change.

So it's odd that carbon blanket scammers and friends keep pushing chaotic inefficient modalities and wacky concepts that the world will end if we don't fix a small percent increase of hot air of an infinitessimally small amount of air that is constantly recycled on it's own, so little so that it's a mere .0004th of the entire atmosphere carbon air is, while these climate pushers keep using up all the oxygen in the room.

On the cover it says "corrupted democracy, rogue state russia, and the richest most destructive industry on earth"

Must be talking about TV when referring to destructive industry.



copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski