Bird brains are killing the planet


1/17/2021 by Kenneth Wegorowski

If anyone is offended by this statement BIRD BRAINS ARE KILLING THE PLANET I do not care one particle bit.

I care about the birds.

I care about exposing the LIES ABOUT CLIMATE CULT MANIAS that are killing not only the birds but also people as it shifts energy and money from those who need homes to be built instead of endless seas of movie sets.

As stated by The American Bird Conservancy they predict that potentially one million birds PER YEAR will be killed by 2030 if the United States continues on it's puke green energy path in reaching it's goal of 20% wind energy.

The CLIMATE CULT ignores this.

These idiots are stuck following their cult leaders into oblivion while ruining the planet with their fake soulutions to fake problems.

There is NO THREAT TO THE EARTH from 1 particle of carbon dioxide to 2,499 other particles of air.

Global warming is a lie.


copyright 2021 Kenneth Wegorowski