They just let all hydraulic fluids burn up when there is a fire



When Portland and Taft fire crews arrived, there wasn’t much to do but get out of the way and watch from a distance. Their hoses couldn’t reach the blaze, and even if they could, it would be very dangerous if those blades fall off while the turbine was in motion. “It shouldn’t happen; they have safety features built into them that locks the blades down,” Taft Volunteer Fire Department Chief Dan Gibson said. “They were locked down until the fire burnt all the hydraulic oil out of it.

“And I don’t know what they’re going to do. They had their people down there after a while, and they looked at it, but they didn’t want to get around it either.”

Gibson said it was also dangerous because there was still an electric current running through it because all the turbines have a linked distribution system.

At Chevelon 170 of these at a whopping 755 feet tall over 49 square miles is a fire hazard. On a windy day one could start a fire and ruin the entire region, the fire could jump the canyon and destroy homes to the east with no way of stopping it.

Sitgreaves Forest could catch fire especially if winds were from the northeast or north. These things are a nuisance, obstruction, a flat out scam for our energy and should not be built.



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