We all should have our homes taxed as vacant lots just like wind farms



Now it makes sense, when I first studying wind in July 2019 when I got wind that Chevelon Butte at Chevelon Canyon Ranch was going to feature 49 square miles of 170 wind turbines I stumbled on the tax rates paid for by the owner of the land which came out to be around $564 per year. I could not believe how little it was for so much land albeit mostly vacant land massive swath of land.

TIF stands for Tax Increment Financing. The other term is REIT.

These give tax breaks and credits for wind and solar installations so that they are not taxed as developed land. Talk about welfare.

Meanwhile Republicans are giddy that they saved taxpayers $1 billion each year while pulling food stamps from those who "can work" even when there are no jobs and then they turn around and hand $2 billion to sleazy drug manufacturers that say they will create a vaccine for the latest of 1 billion different names for the same virus dust particle that says "boo" when they still after 1 billion cumulative years of study cannot nail down any season's flu virus.

The wind in wind farm stands for WINDFALL. These are nothing but massive profit centers for those who invest in them but they are a direct shift of money away from tax payers, the tax coffers where the money would be better invested, and the rate payers, which includes business who tacks on higher rates to consumers, so you are paying every which way.

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