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6/30/2020 by Kenneth Wegorowski

My public comment posted on 6/30/2020 to Iowa Utilities Board for docket RMU-2020-0028 regarding siting of wind turbine systems

"The foundations of building these wind systems are based on a poor mix that does not hold up the structures so to speak when we inspect. It would be absurd to think of building a turbine on a mix of quicksand but that is basically what we are doing when we claim that we need to "create a carbon neutral economy" or "fix climate change" or even "create free energy" of which these wind energy systems are said will fix or create when they absolutely will not and they make matters worse. They are illusions of clean energy. They cause more energy to be used as they rely on oil, draw power from grids, malfunction, rely on subsidies, they never are net positive energy gains. They transfer energy from rate and tax payers to others. Their outputs of how many homes they can power "up to" is always massively exaggerated. They often cause more carbon dioxide in the air because of their chaotic nature of off/on start/stop unreliable power thus causing stand by power to be used. This is well known in the industry but the sales pitchers will not mention this. This is one big mix of the mucky mire these are founded on. The other part is fake threat of "climate change". Earth has no problem managing itself no matter what we do and to build on the foundation of controlling carbon dioxide in the air is not solid nor based on physics. The atmosphere contains 400 parts per million they say. It sounds like a lot. To put this in better perspective it is 1 part of carbon dioxide AIR to 2,499 other parts of air. This one part does not ever get stuck yet they tell us we need to build these systems to stop it from getting stuck or we all will die of fake "climate change" doom. This amount of air which is like one penny per $24.99 does absolutely NOTHING by any standard of significance to the Earth's atmospheric systems. Water vapor is up to 10,000% more in quantity and it along with convection from radiant sun, frigid space are what affects climate, that is all, not 1 particle of air to 2,499 other particles of air. If anyone thinks carbon dioxide air insulates as air "blankets" breathe all over an open window in winter and tell me how well that carbon dioxide insulates. Thus to declare public emergencies on this illusions repeatedly sold to the public about these wasteful systems and bulldoze over a majority of residents in a communities view of what is the greater good of that community is improperly formed. These foundations for forcing these systems on communities is not solid and nothing so disasterous to a community should be ever forced on them with such unstable foundations as their basis."


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