C97 is the elephant in the room on designer drugs that look like a 1970's house after a hurricane



Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a mere 1 particle of itsy bitsyness in the AIR to 2,499 other particles of air. If you are familiar with math and accounting you know that you don't worry about a business losing one penny when it gained 2,499 other pennies but this is what people are doing with weather change they blame on 1/2500 ratios.

They think that something that is virtually non-existent in the sky forms a layer of glass like in a greenhouse keeping it warm.

It's not solid. It's not even there.

C97 is the greater threat, it's defined as the following:

C97 is the new term for "carbon dioxide that causes weather change gloomy days ahead, claims that are repeated 97 billion times and then another 97 billion times.

As many times as this is repeated it still does not change weather of understanding reality that CO2 is not even there.

People simply cannot grasp that they have been lied to by their leaders about .0004 of atmospheric particles that cannot possibly get stuck and form anything near what a blanket can do.

This all gets stuck in the mind only.

The green approach: "We are all going to learn how to control the weather as not controlling the weather by managing 1 part of air to 2,499 other parts of air will doom the planet so vote for me and I will be your leader and redeem you."

The approach based on physics: "1 part per 2,499 other parts does nothing".



copyright 2020 Kenneth Wegorowski