Wind farms at Palm Springs 80% spinning - 40% producing electricity 40% producing wind thus using electricity



New Years Day 2020 was a fun day but it was also disturbing and weird as I was studying wind mills at Palm Springs at the Interstate 10 that millions of people drive by and are mesmerized by their size and how they are saving us from climate change. About 80% of them were spinning though it wasn't all that windy but there was spurts of wind blowing what looked like enough to get that energy pumping into homes, so they say.

Here's the fun part, driving west on I-10 from Indian Canyon I look up and they are spinning clockwise but I keep looking and looking and looking at the blades between looking at the road to see what angle the blades were, and thus what direction the wind must be blowing to make those thing spin. I take note, figuring that the wind must be then coming from the east. They were pointed toward the east.

I continue and I'm still looking at the ones closest to me and to the left and they are doing the same thing, but as I look in the distance there are many others going the opposite direction, counter clockwise.

HUH? I guess maybe they are other models built opposite angles?

I get onto the 62 then get off at Dillon and then onto Worsley and stop, get out of the car, look around and am baffled. There's no wind. Many are spinning exactly the speeds they were minutes prior.

Ok, sometimes there's little wind on the ground, but there can be more higher up. I wait and study for a whle again baffled that the ones in the distance that are the ones I first saw are going opposite direction.

Wind kicks up on the ground. Ok maybe this is enough wind so it must have been windy up top.

I study these ones here above me and on the west side of 62. The are all going counter clockwise.

I study the blade angles - they are MAKING WIND. They are not being spun BY THE WIND. They are burning up energy. They are pushing against the wind.

I am guessing that the wind was varied so much that day in spots. They may have used these turbines to burn up the energy the other turbines were making or from other sources as the grid cannot stand chaotic energy and grid operators will not allow that energy to throw it out of balance, thus this is part of how these systems operate, DUMPING ENERGY.

Why are they not presenting this aspect of how these sytems function to the public? Simple, if they public realized this which is exactly what I intend they learn in 2020 they will demand this use of THEIR ENERGY stop. 

Wind farms are energy transfer systems, they are not solving climate change as climate does that all by itself no matter what man does like didn't we learn this in the 1950's?

They transfer YOUR ENERGY to theirs. Stop ruining the planet with these wasteful projects.



copyright 2020 Kenneth Wegorowski