The tripling of cost makes others have more energy


4/26/2020 by Kenneth Wegorowski

As we read at Stop These Things,

"There’s been a huge spike in wholesale electricity," Mr Kelly said. "If you look at when the state Labor government first came into office, the wholesale electricity price was around about $30 per megawatt hour."

The prices have tripled in 5 years.

update 5/28/2020

After studying this matter for almost a year now it's become clear to me that energy is being used to take more of our energy. We should see prices go lower like what we did with computers and televisions that gave us more over time while costing less. These systems that rely on the weather that are sold to us as ways to save us from the weather (which if you think about that statement sounds cultish and like a politician promising us the universe) cost more and require more maintenance for what they produce and keep causing prices to go up in energy for the consumer, it should be the other way around but they in fact use more energy which is why the costs of our energy we pay keep increasing. Add to that the lavish salaries that are paid to those who build them and invest in them using our tax dollars that they are totally dependent on and we see why our bills never go down.




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