Add batteries, wind, solar and you get a catch 22 factor multiplier, really, but of course if you listen to the sales pitchers you can catch what they throw you instead as it may be more glitzy and entertaining and make you feel like you are playing ball



How stupid is it to ruin California coastlines with these view monsters that blink, they are starting the process of adding them to Lompoc mid way between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Greenies keep repeating to use that now all we need is batteries, more wind and solar, and it's all becomes a big grid of free energy.

Sales pitch. There is nothing like taking the world of those who are merely caught up in energy drama.

The calm sensible and well studied in the room point out that this better grid would increase electric costs by 22 times but sometimes you don't even know they are there because the party is going full force.

As it stands California and most of the USA gets less than 4% from renewables.

Do you think these people that are pulling in all this green energy of yours into their investment portfolios really care about you and the planet?

California isn't even honest about plastic wrap in the sky made of, not plastic, air bubbles. The official website for saving energy says 1 particle of air to 2,499 other particles of air acts like plastic wrap.

I placed a particle of carbon dioxide over my food and it all got cold in a few minutes. I placed oil based plastic wrap over it and it stayed pretty warm for about a half hour.

There is no global cooling problem.



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