If we just stopped talking and typing so much the climate would stop changing


1/12/2021 by Kenneth Wegorowski

I was going to send this letter to Children's Health Defense but decided to just post it here instead. I have concluded that they are pro solar and wind energy and they get a lot of funding from the groups that promote them so I don't think they would really care what I have to say. I don't really have a problem with where they get their funding I just thought I would mention my belief as they are often running articles that are very pro climate change hysteria. They claimed in an article (link further down) that 2020 was tied for the scary headline 'hottest year ever'. The media outlets hyping up fake climate change as if the world is getting hotter and will doom us all always show these with a picture that gets oranged out in editing to make it look like the world is on fire. Blue skies look like fire. It's so disingenuous. I always seek the truth.

So here it was, only to be placed here:

I tend to like your stance against vaccines and very grateful for your strong stance against the pseudo-scientific horror show of injecting poisons into human beings, but am perplexed as to why you embrace the fake climate change cult and it's mantras which by it's actions is blanketing the planet with energy inefficient devices that destroy the environment.

I am guessing you get funding and just don't understand some of the basics that the climate cult is built on. This constant fearmongering of world doom embracing the mantras of 'hottest year ever' and the claims that 'concentrations continue to rise' as if they never fall tends to conflict with your same allegations made of fearmongering regarding health. This constant claim of the climate cult that carbon dioxide just keeps rising because of man is so absurd.

In a recent article you just published with one of the many photoshopped images that present a fake orange glow and headline of an 'overheating planet' which is not even possible the math is so bad it's like it was written by a 2nd grader.

First 417 ppm of any particulate is nothing, it comes out to 1 in 2500 other particulates. This does not form a blanket in the sky. If you think it does or have scientists that insist on this please send me one made out of carbon dioxide in this measure that is mixed with atmospheric air that the climate cult constantly claims forms a blanket up there. Please sent it to my home so I can put it over a single pane window to help insulate.

I will photograph it after experimenting on how well it stops the cold from coming in, of course, what you will see in the photo will be NOTHING, no blanket, no insulation. The use of the term 'blankets' is extremely disingenuous as it always forms the image of what people use to stay warm in bed and what is in the sky is NOTHING like that at all.

Air tends not to insulate unless it is trapped within a solid object WHERE IT CANNOT MOVE and this is all we have is movable air in the sky.

In a blanket put on a bed it is mostly a SOLID with areas very small and close to gether that TRAP AIR and this combination causes warmth to tend to be 'trapped' to a degree much more than movable air.

There is no such solid in the sky to 'form a blanket'. There are no blankets in the sky, period. Precipitation brings carbon back to Earth constantly, if only it could do that to the climate cult mind. So then the article presents the number 278 ppm and the increase to 417 ppm is 50% allegedly, my math states it's 33%.

Then mention of UK Met Office states there will be an increase of 'roughly 2.29 ppm higher' that is so Rolling On The Floor Laughable. That is an amount of 2 particles per 1,000,000 particles. This is on par with a city government worrying about a 2 cent overrun in a $1 million budget. It is an amount that does not even change what is claimed to be in the atmosphere of 417 ppm by anything significant.

I decided to take the time to point this out as I am very concerned as I watch the entire planet fall into an incredible never seen before disarray due to these ongoing errors presented to the public regarding climate of the atmosphere and that of the human body.

Landscapes everywhere are being decimated by both solar and wind systems that create blight and waste energy. I have watched the turbines BE POWERED BY THE GRID spinning alone on a no wind day.

They are burining up excess that other systems provide. I have watched 1/2 of a wind farm be propelled by electricity while the other half was maybe producing it.

The virus con games now have led us into a world that is not recognizable and if we continue to not recognize these fundamental flaws in which all these supposed fixes to problems that are in the imagination are founded on we are going to just continue to waste energy and TRANSFER ENERGY to the rich, and lose lives and form a world that is managed by fake intelligence systems which have already invaded the minds of too many human beings now telling us the most aburd things that we have to distance to stop the spread of viruses.

Viruses if they even exist in the air cannot be stopped by any means, they are like soap, they are made in the body as a cleansing mechanism.

We have been had by all these cons for over 100 years now and we need to quickly understand these fundamentals, or, we can continue to build our world like an upside down pyramid and see how well that stands.



copyright 2021 Kenneth Wegorowski