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3/24/2020 by Kenneth Wegorowski

During the chaos created by the fights over grand dos x illusions of clean energy and viruses that are bigger than Godzilla* but are as hard to figure out exactly what they are and do as looking at Pluto the rock or planet or rock or planet or what is it, maybe it's also an illusion, the President and others propose planting 1 trillion trees to save us.

If each tree costs $1 to plant that's an additional $1 trillion of our tax revenues used  to plant trees.

It would process out so much carbon dioxide the other trees would get upset and wars would break out amongst the forest and it wouldn't look too pretty after.

Of course since it is government gettin 'er done this will cost probably $1,000 per tree, and thus I am guessing we could look for a price tag of $1 zillion.

Let me know if you think that is effective use of our taxes.

An article on as archived here presents what Briol and Mountford have to say,

Large-scale investment to boost the development, deployment and integration of clean energy technologies - such as solar, wind, hydrogen, batteries and carbon capture (CCUS) - should be a central part of governments' plans because it will bring the twin benefits of stimulating economies and accelerating clean energy transitions," wrote Birol in a recent commentary.

Otherwise, Birol says, carbon dioxide emissions - which have dropped off amid the pandemic - will rebound when economies recover.

"We don't want to bail ourselves out of one economic crisis and one health crisis and go straight into the next one," says Helen Mountford, vice president for climate and economics at World Resources Institute.

Mountford is among those offering some creative ways to both boost the economy and address climate change. She suggests a big tree-planting program could start as early as this summer.

"[It] could actually put something like 150,000 people to work and will help pull millions of tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere in years to come," says Mountford.

Of course we will power all this planting with solar panels and wind spinners, right? No it will use oil.

When will these hucksters in government start to present how raindrops falling on our heads pulls carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, bringing it back to Earth to enrich our soil.

I propose a new plan of adding 70 trillion zillion million billion more raindrops. To do this we will create steam with all our heat producing power plants that use coal, oil, nuclear abundant fuel, other machinery, appliances, cars, more power plants, factories, etc. It will reach into the upper atmosphere where it will be cooled and drop as rain. Problem solved.

* viruses are particles of matter that are not living things, just like Godzilla is not a living thing, and these particles go right through latex gloves as the stretchy membrane has holes that are bigger than these ultra sub microscopic particles that can only be "seen" in computer graphic imagery created using electron impulses and these images are subject to various interpretations of which some say all we have there is cell dirt not a monster



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