1 particle of carbon dioxide amongst 2499 other particles of air is nothing


written by Kenneth Wegorowski on 4/28/2020 updated the next day

It's become so obvious now that carbon dioxide causes nothing. The atmosphere contains 1 part of carbon dioxide per 2499 other parts of air. It cannot trap heat.

To exemplify this I created a couple of snapshots of a pixel. In one image there is a white box. Notice the number 2499 there. I took one of those sneaky pixels that companies throw into your emails to track you and increased it's size to 2499%.


That square white box symbolizes our atmosphere everywhere on Earth. The black symbolizes vast endless space.

This next image shows 100 parts of carbon dioxide as an example of what we would have if carbon dioxide was completely out of control. It's still not enough to form a blanket. 

  This image is of that one pixel at 100% size. That means it's just the size that it was when I found it in my email. Put that one pixel inside that larger box. It's like a game we learned in Kindergarten or 1st grade. See if it fits and how much room it takes.

That small speck of white that you might not even be able see in this second image symbolizes carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, except that it's actually presented here as 100x bigger than what in reality should be presented if we were to show the actual size of carbon compared to that top white box you can see. Even at this size it's pretty much nothing. Again the black symbolizes space outside our atmosphere and though in this second image there is little of it there is an infinite amount of space which sits at a constant cooling 456 degrees below zero.

The ratio above is 100/2499 when it should be 1/2499 if we are to actually precisely present what we are dealing with here. This means you would have to make that smaller dot 100x smaller than what it is. I cannot even present that here using such a sub microscopic image. So try to imagine that smaller dot 100x smaller, then place that 100x smaller dot on the larger image - you would be adding 1 part to 2499 other parts for a total of 2500 parts. You would then have the full amount of carbon dioxide in proper ratio. Problem is again here we cannot even present how sub microscopic that 1 part per 2500 total parts looks.

Thus it should be clear at this point how little CO2 is in the atmosphere and since all air is subject to convection, heating and cooling by two massive forces, the sun and frigid space, CO2 does nothing to insulate, NOTHING.

It's often stated we have 400 parts per million of CO2. They use this to trick you into thinking it's a lot. It's so miniscule it cannot even be seen except using an electron microscope which merely gives us slices of computer graphic imagery subject to as much interpretation as there is of God.

ANYONE that tells you that carbon dioxide causes any problems in the atmosphere is lying or spreading lies. The foundation for all claims of carbon dioxide forming plastic wrap or blanket like substances in the sky is bunk.

These principles also apply in modern medicine that is run primarily on grants (your money) and profit mining.

Any scientist that tells you they know exactly what they see in a slice of an electron microscope imagery of viruses (which are 100x smaller than bacteria) and what they see is the primary horrific causes of multiple disease conditions such as immune deficiency or severe respiratory problems is possibly quite full of cell debris.

Reference men or women who study electron microscope imagery and know how to interpret the results in ways that appear more balanced than what we hear from politicians and boob toobs.

Consider Hans Gelderblom a true expert in what is seen in an electron microscope who stated in the "House of Numbers" extended interview that it's basically impossible to make any absolute claim of such destructive power. What he saw was "cell debris" incapable of such harm that those in the financial gain industries would have you believe.

David Crowe has written about this latest panic epidemic which has infected governing declaration makers to a degree of paranoid schizophrenia.

To shut down half of society over such irrational fears of particles like carbon dioxide as we see in my presentation above or even smaller ones that cannot even be found in 99.99999% of all tests that claim they find them is insane. Viruses all travel by air, are not living things, if they were 'the cause' of such disease everyone would get the diseases equally. The "virus" is more like the effect, not the cause.

The whole viral transmission theory is flawed much like we have recognized with RNWBL-2499.



copyright 2020 Kenneth Wegorowski