Make your Firefox browser show gif animation properly by adjusting settings for about:config



note about gif animation - if you are not seeing the windmill lights blink it may be a setting in your Firefox browser

to fix this in Mozilla Suite and Firefox do the following

in the bar where you type in websites type in about:config, hit enter, then accept the risk, there really is no risk if you do exactly what is stated here

next scroll down the page to find image.animation_mode

look at the value column which needs to read "normal" for the mode for you to see animated gif images like these blinking lights

highlight that line for image.animation_mode by pointing your curser on it and double click

this opens up a dialog box and there you can enter in the correct term "normal" in that box

click on the OK box and you are set

the choices of what you can put in that box are

none - prevents any animation of gifs

once - will play it animated once then stop

normal - will play the animation repeatedly



copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski