How many homes could one wind turbine build?


11/3/2020 by Kenneth Wegorowski with the date provided by you can always find a date on

The report says that between 2011 - 2018 they calculate the totall green dollar energy used on climate change projects throughout the world was $3.660 trillion. 1/2 that was on wind and solar projects.

They also point out that only 3% change in amount of fake clean energy added to grids in that time and that we have to wonder how long it would actually take for the entire grid to be so called "carbon neutral".

We have cons like Governor Cuomo of New York and puppets like Gavin Newsom of California telling us that they have a 100% green energy goal of 2050 and 50% by 2030.

These goals are simply 100% unnatainable AND they would cause so much environmental destruction.

Governments that allocate the tax pot money could have solved homelessness and job creation in an instant. That amount could build 36,600 homes at $100,000 each fully paid for.

 That would house over 100,000 people with 3 to a home.

If we consider that this is a world wide total and many parts of the world you can build a home for under $10,000 that would make that number 10x greater housing one million people comfortably.

Some parts of the world people are simply happy with homes build very crude so this would make that cost about $1,000 which would then house 10 million.

These numbers might not seem like much when you have 7 billion people on Earth, it's a ratio of 1/700.

Actually, considering the massive importance of what having a home does in maintaining health, productivity, community, and so many other things this is an unnactable number. It should be zero. We should house the world.

If you or your government representative or committe member representative feel that 1/700 is not much, consider the death rate from they hysterical fake corona virus scare that has death rates of .00047 which is 47/100,000 or 23.5/50,000 or 11.75/25,000 or 2.35/5,000 or 1.175/2,500 which is exactly the same ratio amount as we have of carbon dioxide "green house gas" in the atmosphere at any time on average which is a recyclable gas that Earth keeps in balance using weather.

Now as we go a bit further lets look at the fundamentally flawed idea of climate change and man controlling it with wind power generation via turbine monstrocities. The article quoted above states,

"The researchers discovered that renewable energy sources sometimes contribute to problems they were designed to solve. For example, a series of international studies have found that both wind and solar farms are themselves causing local climate change. Wind farms increase the temperature of the soil beneath them, and this warming causes soil microbes to release more carbon dioxide. So, ironically, while wind energy might be partially reducing human 'carbon emissions', it is also increasing the 'carbon emissions' from natural sources."

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